Re: GNOMEish icons for apps/image viewer

Il giorno dom, 06/11/2005 alle 22.57 -0500, Rodney Dawes ha scritto:
> I'm not really fond of these at all. If you want to see something in
> the GNOME style, look at the Gthumb icon. It's pretty good.

Gthumb icon is too much complicated to draw at 16 (useful for window
border) and 24 (useful for Application menu) pixels. And IMHO: 1 picture
in icon --> a simple image viewer (as well as EOG); 2 picture in icon
--> a complete image manager (as well as Gthumb)

Please note that the icon currently available in gnome-icon-theme is
really ugly :-( My purpose was just replace it with a GNOMEish one. But
if you want to commit please wait an updated version.

>  Although,
> I think it's a good time to start ripping things out of the icon theme
> and pushing them upstream into the apps themselves, and with a Tango
> style.

But GNOME HIG still suggests GNOME style :-)

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