Re: Revamping knob for stretch icons

Il giorno mer, 26/10/2005 alle 10.56 +0200, Alexander Larsson ha
> On Thu, 2005-10-20 at 12:32 +0200, Luca Ferretti wrote:
> > Hei! we are still using the same knob from Eazel days.
> > 
> > Why don't use the attached one? Yeah, it's 10x10 instead 8x8, but
> > 1280x1024 is the usual screen resolution now, I think we can scale it
> > up.
> I agree on the icon size. Its sort of hard to hit them on high
> resolution, and the larger size doesn't hurt for smaller resolution.
> However, I'm not sure on the color change. Does the green really go well
> with the other colors in use? I'm no graphics artist, but it does seem
> to well, stick out a bit.

Dunno. The current one is teal-green, from Crux theme color scheme
developed by Eazel, I suppose.

The one I provided is green too, but from GNOME HIG palette. I like this
(vivid) green: it's well visible on default desktop bg (blue) as well as
folders bg (white). Honestly I don't know if it works fine on green bgs
too... But we have to choose a color and recent patch from  Mattias
could help to provide a different one if the color scheme of a theme is
based on greens (as well as a11y themes).

My suggestion is use it now, eventually change if/when someone will

Just for fun, I made copies using blue and green from Tango palette.
Check them out.

Attachment: knob-tango-palette.png
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Attachment: knob-tango-palette-blue.png
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