Searching for graphics contribution


This is a cross-post to KDE artists, GNOME themes and
cliparts mailing lists. I read all 3 mailing lists, so you don't need to
follow this cross-post to all lists.

I'm looking for one or more graphic artists, who are interested in doing
some artwork for my project 'chemical-mime-data' [1]- I am really no
graphic artist. The aim of this project is the support for chemical MIME
types under KDE, GNOME and ROX desktops. The project itself is GPL
licensed. What I need are icons for chemical file types - a generic icon
and specialized (file) icons, which shall follow in the future. These
icons should fit/follow a) the crystalsvg theme for KDE and b) the
hicolor theme for GNOME and ROX. Icons should be in .svg format (they
are converted to .png during build process). I will not try to restrict
your creativity. So if there is anyone interested, please answer on this
list or contact me directly. Any help is appreciated. I really need
these graphics. Hints and advice are always welcome.


Daniel Leidert

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