GNOME Themes Extras 0.8.1 released

A new release of GNOME themes extras is out. This is a pure maintenance
release with some updated translations and all theme engines removed.

Since both smooth and industrial gtk theme engines now are in the gtk-
engines package this release of gnome-themes-extras have them removed.

The future if gnome-themes-extras is quite uncertain. People interested
in helping out with maintaining it are welcomed as most of the themes
are now either completely unmaintained or only slowly progressing. So
I am sending this to the inkscape,librsvg and openclipart lists with a
plea for some new artists to come on board to help complete the themes.

Witohut new contributors I will probably decide to stop maintaining g-t-
e and instead split out Nuvola in a separate package as its the only
theme which have new icons made for it at this point in time.

More information and screenshots can be found here:

Anyway you find the latest release on


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