GNOME Backgrounds Revamp

There was a small discussion on #tango (until we were politely told to go else where ;-) ) the other day about what we should do with gnome-backgrounds.

It transpired that several people weren't happy with the quality of the current backgrounds in the package. I want to rectify that, and I want to make sure that it contains a set of backgrounds that the likes of jimmac, andreasn and lapo will actually use and love!

We will have to revamp the current collection by throwing out some of the existing backgrounds. This is because we cannot have too many backgrounds installed as it makes the background selector list too long.

Several people agree that andreasn's tiles [1] are very nice and suitable replacements for the current set. I suggest we don't include more than three or four however, for the reasons above.

There are currently two other "categories" of backgrounds, which are "GNOME Branded" and "Translucent". I think we could reduce the number of branded backgrounds and replace them with just one or two with new backgrounds of a consistent style. The translucent backgrounds we could also reduce to just two. I think Tentacles and Rectangles are the best, and they are also now SVG since andreasn converted them from the original pixmaps.

Since we have removed several backgrounds overall, I'd like to add some new nature and abstract backgrounds. One other aim I have is to make sure as many of the backgrounds as possible are in SVG format.

So by the end of this process we should have:

3 tiles (from andreas' collection)
2 branded (NEW)
2 translucent (existing)
3 nature/abstract (NEW)

10 total

So, I need volunteers to make the new branded and nature/abstract backgrounds. I would like to include a background that could be considered the "default" background for GNOME (much like various Windows editions have "default" backgrounds). This could be an extra background if required, bringing the total to 11. But we can't go over this limit due to the problems with the background selector list!

So, thoughts and contributions and volunteers please!



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