New theming possibilities with GTK+ 2.8

I did not find a better place to post this information,
so here it goes. GTK+ 2.8 is the first GTK+ release to 
really support cursor themes. If you change the cursor
theme in the mouse capplet, running GTK+ applications 
will immediately display the new cursors. 

Thus we may want to think about integrating cursor themes 
more tighly with the rest of the gnome theming infrastructure 
and maybe include a few high-quality cursor themes with
the gnome-themes package.

I also want to point out that GTK+ 2.8 uses named cursors
for the DND cursors (with the names dnd-ask, dnd-copy, 
dnd-move, dnd-link and dnd-none), so it would be nice
if cursor themes started to include matching DND cursors,
like the Bluecurve cursor themes in Rawhide do for some
time now.



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