GNOME themes-extras 0.2 released

Hi theme lovers,
The best package of GNOME metathemes in the world is out with a new
release containing lots of fixes and updates.

This release contains many smaller fixes and cleanups since the last
release, most importantly it adds panel menu icons theme support for
Nuvola and Wasp. For this feature to work you need to have gnome-panel or higher.

This release also contains many new and updated Nuvola icons by David
Vignoni to the Nuvola theme, and some general fixes and cleanups to
Nuvola, Lush and Wasp icons/icon usage by me.

Thanks to Adam Hooper a lot of the icons have been cleaned of the
'midstopPoint' information that Adobe Illustrator puts in. This has in
some cases removed as much as 1000 uneeded lines from some icons.

The gnome-themes-extras homepage has moved to:

The page contains new and updated screenshots of the themes. Be sure to
check out the menu screenshots of Nuvola and Wasp.

Here you also will find download instructions.

The tarball contains a working SPEC file for RH9 systems, so Redhat
users should be able to make themselves a RPM by doing 'rpmbuild -ta

New translations:
Hebrew by Gil "Dolfin" Osher 
French by Christophe Merlet
Turkish by Fatih Demir
Polish by Artur Flinta
Tradional Chinese by Baddog

General information:
As mentioned earlier we are starting to add icons to theme the GNOME
menu. As you can guess there is almost no way we will be able to create
icons for all the applications out there ourselves. Due to this we would
highly appreciate if artists out there would contribute icons for their
favourite applications/metathemes.

Christian F.K. Schaller

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