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Rogério wrote:

Hello friends,

I am using Ximian GNOME 1.4, however, I am with the following doubts:
Can I use themes that were created for Ximian Gnome 1.2.x?
In the case I already tried to install some themes that were done for the
1.2x (of /), and I installed for GNOME Center of
Control (in the item Selector of Themes) , and he has only been altering the
buttons and snowballing bars, the title bar for instance continues as

GNOME themes don't depend upon what version of GNOME you're using, but rather what version of GTK+ you're using. Since GNOME 1.2 and GNOME 1.4 both use GTK+ 1.2, the same GTK+ themes will work for both of them and their point releases.

The reason your titlebars don't change is that GTK+ themes from only theme the GTK+ widgets - i.e. the contents of the windows of applications written using GTK+ (which is all GNOME apps, plus a fair few others like the GIMP). To change the titlebars you'll need to find a new theme for your window manager, which is in all likelihood the excellent Sawfish. These can be found on, although that's in a bit of a state since was hacked into. Should be sorted out soon with the new site though... Sawfish theme configuration can be found in the GNOME control center under "Sawfish Window Manager -> Appearance". A few ship with it, but not all of them are very interesting.

Yes, I know it's not exactly logical to do things that way, especially if you're used to the Windows way of looking at the desktop, but I believe some sort of workaround might be being looked at because it came up as a fairly major point in the Sun useability study. I'm no authority on this, though...


Matt Walton

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