[gnome-summary] What to do w/ translations?

Until new ideas are implemented and the new site is built, what should we
do with the GS translations? I was just talking with the maintainer of
www.gnomefr.org about the French translations we have available. We see
two options:
 1. host them on gnomefr.org or,
 2. commit them into web-devel-2 (using some kind of agreed-upon naming system like year_monthday_monthday.LANG.html for instance)

It seems to me that in the interest of consistency and future
developments, translations should be kept with the English versions, in
web-devel-2. Local sites can then link to them any way they want from
summary.gnome.org (?). But I realize that now might not be the right time
to do that.


Sebastien Biot - www.viralata.net

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