Re: Default WM for Gnome in RH 9

Hrvoje Blazevic wrote:


Although I spent an hour or so, looking through RH (9.0) docs CD, I could not find the info on how to disable the Metacity WM, and enable Sawfish.

I had exactly the same question when I first got RH8 and got an answer on this list from Havoc Pennington. Here is what he said (it worked). I can tell you that my wife uses Sawfish and I use Metacity under RH9 (she likes the greater choice of window decorations and doesn't mind the fact that it forgets the number of workspaces when you log out). I was amazed that when I brought up RH9, there still was no simple way to choose which WM you want. Maybe RH10? Back in earlier RH versions, it was easy and obvious.
-- David

Havoc Pennington wrote on 10/19/2002:

You change WM the same way you change any other default app in the
session - kill the current one, start a new one, save the session.
Or edit ~/.gnome2/session directly.

You can try "killall metacity; sawfish" followed by
"gnome-session-save" though metacity will respawn, sometimes before
sawfish starts; so you may have to try a couple times. Or another way
is to open "gnome-session-properties" and remove metacity from the
session that way, maybe after doing "sleep 20 && sawfish" in a

It's cleaner if the WM you want to switch to supports "-replace" or
"--replace", then you can do something like:

fvwm2 -replace

without all the killall business. That's really the intended way for
it to work.


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