Gnome Bugzilla bug #102760

Please help me, please...

I posted an earlier question regarding drag-n-drop files to a mountedd floppy using Nautilus. I had the same problem in RHL8 and RHL9.

Here are my earlier posts (on Google):

I also sent an email to this mailing list -- gnome-redhat-list. I received a reply but not really a solution.

My problem can also be described in gnome-bugzilla bug number 102760:

Can *anyone* help me??

Additional info:
Using the command line is *not* a viable solution.
Using KDE might be a viable solution.
Rebuilding a new gnome-vfs2 from the latest source might be a viable solution, but I'm not sure how to do that and replace my RPM-based installation with my new build. Any help on that?

Thanks in advance.

    Jeffrey D. Silverman | jeffrey AT jhu DOT edu
Johns Hopkins University | Baltimore, MD
                 Website |

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