Re: gnome 2 userspace?

Thomas Dodd <ted cypress com> writes:

> Havoc Pennington wrote:
> >Hi,
> >
> >I'm currently making packages for gnome 2 user environment. These do
> > NOT coexist with 1.4 - e.g. the new gnome-panel obsoletes
> > gnome-core, and control-center and nautilus are just upgraded.
> >
> >These packages are going to be very, very untested, too, since I just
> >made them. They're on skipjack for now but may soon move to a new
> >rawhide libc.
> >
> Will the rawhide libc work in skipjack and what ever the real
> release it's a beta for?

Yes, and no:

 - Yes. It should be backwards compatible with the skipjack beta.
   So, you could install it, and most likely your system wouldn't
   disappear in a cloud of smoke.

 - No. You wouldn't want to switch remotely production systems to
   it unless you had a large dose of fix-it-yourself energy.
   RPMS built against it won't be compatible with 
   the-release-that-skipjack-will-be and there would be typical
   rawhide no-guarantees.

   (But I've been running with a libc similar to this for 4-5
   months without any problems.)

Havoc ... maybe when we switch to the rawer rawhide, we need to start
building everything twice against skipjack and the rawhide tree?  
I don't think we want to ask people who want (very bleeding) GNOME to
switch to a new (somewhat less bleeding) glibc/compiler/etc.

I'll certainly want to be doing this for GTK+ and its dependencies.


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