more thoughts on gconfd situation

 I know this must becoming tiresome but I had some more
questions/thoughts on gconfd. I was looking at skipjack and I noticed
gconf-sanity-check-1. I looked through the source and it appears to
check if locking works, then check if the lock you currently has makes
any sense.
Sort of like what gmc does if you run it as root, it would be great if
gconf-sanity-check did:
1. prompted the user to tell them something is amiss and gives them the
option of killing the login now
2. MAYBE gave them the option of attempting to force-clear the lock if
they think everything is a-ok. I know this is ugly but it would get
around the crash and nfs won't release-the-lock problems in the short
term. Then again 2.4.18 might have fixed some of the nfs locking
problems - I should look into that in more details

At the very least have the default gnome-session run
gconf-sanity-check-1 to warn the users if something is borked.

I looked through gnome-session in skipjack and I didn't see any
reference to gconf-sanity-check.


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