Re: gnomehide GPG sig verification failures

On Fri, 2002-04-05 at 10:13, Tom Georgoulias wrote:
> I was going to test out a couple of RPMs from gnomehide today.  The
> following list of packages failed gpg sig verifcation (I use rpm -K). 
> Should I be concerned?   My gut tells me that it's OK because this isn't
> a production system, but I'd like a second opinion.  :) I've already
> downloaded each of these twice to make sure nothing was corrupted and am
> aware that beta stuff isn't always signed, but I'm a little shy because
> so many of the other RPMs were signed.  Thanks.

It looks like you don't have our main GPG key on your keyring and these
are packages from stock 7.2



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