Lost all paper options in print dialog: http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=170753

Hi all.

I've lost all the paper options ( where I could previously select a paper tray ) on all printers, from all applications that use the gnome printing dialog, on all computers ( 5 gnome desktops at my work ).

The printers are all shared from a CUPS server, via IPP with browsing enabled. I haven't touched the CUPS server for at least a couple of months. All computers recently upgraded from gnome-2.8.2 to 2.8.3 ( and associated libraries ).

I've submitted a bug report at:

If someone could either help me out fixing / diagnosing, or confirm the bug for me, I would be most grateful :)

Daniel Kasak
IT Developer
NUS Consulting Group
Level 5, 77 Pacific Highway
North Sydney, NSW, Australia 2060
T: (+61) 2 9922-7676 / F: (+61) 2 9922 7989
email: dkasak nusconsulting com au
website: http://www.nusconsulting.com.au

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