Re: Hacktext availability

On Wed, 2005-03-02 at 15:01 -0400, Thomas J. Duck wrote:

>      For example, a shortcoming of pango on the Gnome Canvas is that it
> does not scale under a zoom.  Also, shear transformations aren't
> implemented in the pango api.  Hacktext scales and shears very nicely.  On
> the other hand, Hacktext can't process markup text like pango, and that
> would be a very nice feature to have.  Please correct me if these
> understandings are wrong.
>      Rotations with pango on Gnome Canvas continue to be troublesome, but
> Hacktext rotates nicely.  Using pango, I can get the glyphs to rotate, but
> the text is clipped according to some unrotated bounding box.  Argh!  Here
> is my code snippet for rotations under pango:

Pango supports shears. Pango handles bounding box rotations. Pango
scales under zoom. I think you have some difficulty in your code.

Perhaps one point of confusion is that Metrics in Pango are reported
in *user* space ... that is, before the transformation.

>      BTW, I am surprised that pango isn't using libart for the matrix
> calculations, considering that this is a Gnome project.  Needless
> complication, no?

Why would I pull in a moderately large, hard to use, scheduled-to-be-
replaced library to avoid what ended up being 160 lines of code
including documentation?


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