Re: Embedding TTF fonts in PS files

On Thu, Jun 03, 2004 at 09:12:33PM -0400, Owen Taylor wrote:
> When working with the Pango code, I happened to notice that right
> now we are typically embedding TTF font files verbatim into the
> PS files we generate.

There are two indirectly conflicting patches pending on this issue
right now.  One variant for the PS backend does some simple
subsettinging and uses CID fonts.  The other more extensive patch
from sun for the pdf backend uses subsetting code from STSF.  The
adoption of either is pending two types of response from sun

1) An attempt to have the pdf code use a cid/type2 approach
2) some licensing issues on the STSF code.

My plan is to accept the PS patch for cid and conditionally accept
the PDF changes if the licensing issues can be fixed.

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