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Thank you for the link Jonathan,

There is no doubt that cups installs and runs on the BSD platforms. There may well be a good set of arguments for tying gnome-print to cups, just as there may well be good reasons for choosing to print through lpd, or any other printing system.

Limited time has resulted in a focusing of effort within the gnome-print project towards the integration of cups. This suggest that while we don't need gnome to run gnumeric, we do need cups to print.

But is this restriction wise? Might there not be benefits in allowing choice? The KDEPrint project seems to think so

I believe it would be a serious mistake for gnome-print to be written to encapsulate cups exclusively. I hope, however, that gnome-print has no direct interest in embedding cups but merely acts as a front end. A front end scheme would open the door for modular support for any other system, and that an lpd module could be written, time permitting.

Andreas says "lpr is always assumed to be available to fall back to." If lpd is to be relied upon when all else fails shouldn't it at least receive some nominal support?


Drews, Jonathan* wrote:
Hi Frank:

 CUPS works great on FreeBSD (and NetBSD for that matter). It's very easy to
configure. I have used CUPS on both FreeBSD 4.9 and % current as well as
Go to and find out what print driver you need.
You will probably want to install Gimp Print (/usr/ports/print/gimp-print

To set up Cups on FreeBSD:

1) Install the CUPS meta port /usr/ports/print/cups
2) cd (as root i.e. #) to /usr/local/etc/rc.d and copy the to
3) Make sure that is executable.
4) do: # ./ start
5) now that the cups daemon is started do:
# lynx http://localhost:631/admin
(you can also do this from a user account using a regular browser).
In both cases you will have to log into root. The web browser will pop
up a login.
6) You can now add a new printer through your browser. See the
screenshots here for an example:
I know this is for NetBSD but from step 5 to 15 it's the same on FreeBSD.

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And secondly, it doesn't require the installation of any additional packages as it comes as a component of the operating system (FreeBSD).
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