Re: new module: eggcups

[ moving to gnome-print-list ]

On Sat, 2004-07-17 at 07:41 -0400, Jody Goldberg wrote:

> gnome-cups-add is evolving to fill the need for
>     'prompting for a driver if necessary'

Cool.  This is definitely important.

> and will continue to be necessary for remote printers that are not
> connected to cups

Not connected to cups?  You mean the case where there is no print
server, and it's just a remote printer that speaks IPP?

>     - smb browsing (mostly done modulo bugs)

Neat!  Do you know if this is the way Windows machines still advertise
their printers?  I.e. SMB printing being deprecated, but SMB browsing
serving the same purpose as the CUPS printer notification broadcasts?

>     - ipp scanning (todo)

How would this work?  Just hit up every machine on the subnet on the ipp

>     - improved snmp support

Sounds useful.  Is this widely deployed?

> Although I prefer the eggcups job centric approach for most usage
> there is still a need for printer management for things like
>     - renaming the queue (cups-add autonames things now)

The HAL backend for cups does seem to come up with some pretty crazy
names too.

>     - changing the driver
>     - Changing the default settings for a queue
> 	(Foo-lowres vs Foo-highres-duplex)
>     - deleting a queue

Ok, makes sense.  Ideally these options would simply not be available
for printers which are managed by a remote print server though, because
in that case you can assume everything is set up correctly, right?  So
for example an office worker with a laptop wouldn't have the option to
change the settings for any of the printers at work, but when she goes
home, she can change the settings for her own LaserJet that speaks IPP.
Basically the difference between the cups local and remote classes.

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