Re: Printer driver UI [proposal]

> Then we'll have inconsistencies between the UI descriptions provided
> by printer vendors, as they seek to lock in users.

There's no point for vendors in using something major GUI's won't

> Anyway, until GNOME and KDE fully agree upon a standard look and feel
> (which I hope never entirely happens -- the competition and diversity
> are only good in the long run), there won't be any high level
> agreement on the details.  So IMHO it would make more sense for the
> description to specify the semantics of the controls, rather than the
> UI layout.

The semantic already exists, at least in KDEPrint:
	PickOne -> list box
	Boolean -> radio buttons
	Float/Int -> slider + spinbox
	String -> edit field

Let's keep a simple tree view presentation of the settings and
forget about the whole proposal.


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