Re: [gnome-print] jpg image printing?

On Fri, 2002-09-13 at 12:38, suneesh tp wrote:
> hello
>         i am new to gnomeprint...what i need is to take a print out of
> a page containing jpg image and some entries in a gtk application .I
> am using Redhat 7.1  and i instlled gnome-print-devel-0.25-9.
> But i don't know how to start..Is there any  docs or sample codes
> available? 

I have been wanting to put the sample code of gnome-print in the
website, but it isn't there yet.

You should get a tarball of the 2.0 version of libgnomeprintui from
and look inside the /examples directory. 

libgnomeprint-1.116.0 is the GNOME 2.0 platform version of gnome-print,
but the API didn't changed much between what you have (the GNOME 1.4
platform version) and this one. You just will not be able to use
GnomePrintConfig with gnome-print 0.25.


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