[gnome-print] XSL:FO

I apologise if this has been covered in the list before.

Is there a way to get hook up XSL:FO to libgnomeprint?

I'm writing a GNOME XML editor (www.conglomerate.org) which can show previews 
of XML transformations, and it would be very nice to feed xsl:fo documents 
internally represented as libxml directly into gnomeprint to show previews.

If this doesn't exist yet, I _might_ write it, if enough people are 
interested, possibly spinning it off into as an LGPL library.

Alternatively, have I missed an efficient way of wiring up existing code to 
achieve the same result?  The other stuff I've seen out there are Fop and 
jfor, which don't seem to be directly compatible with gnome-print.


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