[gnome-print] libgnomeprint & libgnomeprintui 1.114.0

Note: all applications that depend on this libraries are recommended to bump
      their requirements to 1.114 or higher

What is libgnomeprint[ui]?
Libgnomeprint & libgnomerpintui are the printing libraries for GNOME applications.


Changes libgnomeprint

- Set the orientation in the .ps files (%%%%Orientation) from GNOME_PRINT_KEY_ORIENTATION
- Added GNOME_PRINT_KEY_DOCUMENT_TITLE and set %%Title in the .ps file (Chema)
- Acoording to jacob, a void function cannot return a value (Jacob)
- Added functionality to dump a GnomePrintConfig tree structure to the console (Chema)
- Change the order of medias in data/media.xm so that Custom, USLetter & Legal are on top (Chema)
- Call setpagedevice with pagesize and orientation 0 (Andreas) [#79343]
- Added the custom backend lets the user specify the print command line (Carlos)
- Added GNOME_PRINT_KEY_PREFERED_UNIT for the paper dialog (Andreas)
- Make the generic printer use lpr as the default rather than output.ps (Chema)
- Code & build cleanups, remove debuging messages and compile warnings (Chema)
- In libgnomeprint-2.0.pc.in add pango as a requirement of libgnomeprint-2.0. (Chema)
- gnome_print_config_get_length does not need a length conversion if unit = NULL (Andreas)
- installer/parseAFM.c parseGlobals bug (williamp@multiverse.com) [#80407]
- fix gff_pso_ensure_buffer_t1) (williamp@multiverse.com) [#80415, #80414]
- gff_pso_ensure_buffer_t1 bug (williamp@multiverse.com) [#80414]
- replaced all the stat+open with fopen+stat (Chema, Morten) [#76815]
- i18n fixes (Zbigniew)
- added /usr/openwin/lib/X11/fonts for the Solaris fonts to be loaded properly (Bharat Tewari) [#75628]

Changes libgnomeprintui
- several gnome-print-paper-selector fixes and improvements (Andreas) [#82268, #81768, #81674, #82215, #82271]
- Added examples directory with several code examples (Chema)   
- gnome-print-master-preview bug (Andreas) [#58300]
- code & build cleanups, remove debugging messages and compile warnings (Chema)
- fixed a crash when printing for the second time (Andreas & Federico)
- Added gnome_print_master_new_from dialog
- Added the custom transport which lets user specify the print command (Carlos) [#79733]
- fix #81644 (Chema)
- make gnome-print-dialog HIG compliant (Paolo)
- multiple i18n fixes (Zbigniew)
- Improved keynav and added a11y support & mnemonics to dialogs (Damon)
- Fix range selection in print dialog (Andreas)

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