Re: [gnome-print] print master preview window

i downloaded gnome-print/tests from

i'm creating a preview  
   in the following way..
        pmp = gnome_print_master_preview_new(gpm, "PROFIT & LOSS");

I already tried to attach a delete signal to the pmp which is 
GnomePrintMasterPreview widget.
But it says it doesnt have a delete signal handler

  I want my program to quit as soon as this window is closed.    
Chema Celorio wrote:

>attach a signal to the "delete-event" of the preview window. The preview
>window is a subclass of gtkwindow. grep for "delete-event" in
>On Fri, 2002-05-03 at 07:03, Sijin M. Stephen wrote:
>>hi list..
>>        how can i activate a function when my print master preview 
>>window  is closed ?
>>thanks in advance,
>>IndServe Infotech
>>Gnome-print maillist  -

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