Re: [gnome-print] What it is the latest gnome-print from cvs?

On Thu, 2002-05-02 at 09:32, Rogelio Robles wrote:
> Chema,
> What cvs tag to use to get the latest working version
> of gnome-print? In the past I've used
> "gnome-1-4-branch" to get it, but with the incoming
> GNOME 2.0 I'm not sure if this is the "place" where
> the latest updates reside or I'm just getting an old
> newspaper 

For GNOME 2.0 you should be using HEAD branch. For GNOME 1.4
you should be using gnoem-1-4-branch.

> ;-). How the gnome-print cvs version tree look like? 

You can get from the CVS all the branches (and tags too) if you run:

cvs status -v | grep branch.

For example:
[chema@bongo gnome-print-1-4-branch]$ cvs -z3 status -v |
grep branch
   Sticky Tag:		gnome-1-4-branch (branch: 1.51.2)
	FIRST_GPA_SURGERY        	(branch: 1.53.2)
	gnome-1-4-branch         	(branch: 1.51.2)
	gnome-print-rgba         	(branch: 1.30.2)
	HEAD                     	(branch: 1.1.1)
[chema@bongo gnome-print-1-4-branch]$ 

However for GNOME 2.0 gnomeprint was divided into 2 different modules:
libgnomeprint and libgnomeprint ui.

You will need to get this modules from CVS.


> Thx,
> Rogelio
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