Re: [gnome-print] printing a ps or eps file

On Tue, 2002-04-30 at 20:44, Chema Celorio wrote:
> > You said it would take a lot of code to be able to get gnome-print to
> > print out postscript or EPS generated by something else.  I am saying,
> > write glue to use ghostscript to turn them into images then use
> > gnome-print to render the image somehow.
> > 
> > I may be wrong, but I think doing what the person wanted to do is much
> > easier than you think.
> I still have not been able to understand what is the benefit of this
> when he can just use gnome-print to generate the postscript code. What
> value does this provide to gnome-print?
> regards,
> Chema

In my mind, not much at all.  It just allows this person to do what they
want to do.  If gnome-print really becomes powerful enough, I don't see
why you would want to write postscript instead of use gnome-print. 
Postscript is very powerful though.

I guess I do have one question, does gnome-print support modifying the
tracking, kerning and/or leading?  If not, maybe it needs to go back to
the drawing board and maybe that is why it should allow programs to feed
it postscript.


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