[gnome-print] Re: Bug in preview


Btw. what happens, if you put setfont after each beginpage?
(although I was sure it follows PS convention of not resetting font)
Any warnings on console?
Does gnome-print PS output seem normal?

Best wishes
Lauris Kaplinski

On Thu, 2002-03-21 at 22:10, jgotts@linuxsavvy.com wrote:
> I don't know if anyone's noticed this but subsequent pages seem to lose the
> font in the preview.
> We're generating a 2+ page report that displays correctly on our PostScript
> printers and in ggv and gv but gnome-print's preview function reverts to some
> kind of default font starting on page 2.
> I can attempt to boil this down to a test case upon request, but here's the
> skeleton of what we're doing:
> font = gnome_font_new("Helvetica", 8.0);
> gnome_print_beginpage (pc, "");
> gnome_print_setfont (pc, font);
> gnome_print_moveto(pc, x, y);
> gnome_print_show (pc, "This is in 8 point Helvetica.");
> gnome_print_showpage (pc);
> gnome_print_beginpage (pc, "");
> gnome_print_moveto(pc, x, y);
> gnome_print_show (pc, "This is in 8 point Helvetica in the generated PostScript but not in the preview window.");
> John
> -- 
> John GOTTS <jgotts@linuxsavvy.com>  http://linuxsavvy.com/staff/jgotts

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