Re: [Gnome-print] gnome-print-fax


I added the fax driver to gnome-1-4 branch CVS and also write a very quick
printer profile support for it. The profile has option either to save the
result to a file, or invoke program (default is gfax) taking temporary
spoolfile as argument.

There is some problem with the image still. It encodes only a half of a page
and shows that double-wide - i.e. 10.5 cm are expanded to full A4 width. Can
you check, whether there is some problem with fax encoding, or is this just
a gnome-print-rgbps bug.

Many thanks for your work one more time,
Lauris Kaplinski

On 15 Feb 2001 04:02:40 +0100, Roberto Majadas wrote:
> Hello gnome-print hackers :
> I've was working in a driver for gnome-print . This driver is gnome-print-fax 
> .. The funtion of gnome-print-fax is ... all gnome-print can print by printer 
> , can send by fax-modem . 
> This driver take a rgb-buffer a give a g3 file . The output.g3 file can be 
> visualited with gimp and viewfax without problems . And i think there aren't 
> any problem with mgetty+sendfax because this programs use g3 format . 
> It've only a developed-problem . This problem is that only acept dpi<=209 
> because if this number is bigger than 209 , the page weigth is bigger than 
> 1728 , and with g3-format the weigth number must be 1728 (A4 paper) . 
> If you want to see the driver running , there is a testfax . You must write 
> output.g3 and not :o)
> I hope you like it . And if someone have any comments .. mail me ,ok? 
> regards
> Roberto Majadas 

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