[Gnome-print] Important plans to revise X font handling

I thought I should forward this here to be 100% sure that Chema and 
Lauris are aware of this :)


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X.Org will be supporting a Fonts Task Force, under the chairmanship of Jay
Hobson from Sun. An important goal of the Task Force is to review and
upgrade the current font-handling functionality in X11. In an effort to
prevent duplication of effort, the Task Force is asking for your help in
compiling a (prioritized) list of:

        1) known faults, gaps and limitations of font-handling in the
current X11 releases;

        2) desired font-handling features, with priority;
        3) other existing API's, their whereabouts, and their status.

We would appreciate receiving any information you might have on these
If you are interested in receiving future mailings from this group, please
indicate your interest by return email.

Thank you,

Leon Shiman

Shiman Associates Inc
163 Tappan Street
Brookline MA 02445

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