[Gnome-print] gnome-print release


I just discovered (blame me for being so blind) that most DingBats glyphs
have unicode mapping. So we should wait another day or two with release,
until I figure out, how to handle those in GnomeFonts. I cannot probably
use 'axxx'->U+yyyy mapping in standard unicode dict, as there may be
(can anybody prove me to be wrong?) other fonts using those names.
Adobe insists, that from its fonts only Dingbats use 'axxx' glyph names
- but also says, that Dingbats SHOULD use different lookup scheme than
anything else.

Anyway, I am goint to implement this tomorrow. As a consequence, the
main private use subarea probably moves from u+E000 to U+F600 and U+F800,
where Adobe has assigned glyphs, and U+E000 remains for clearly gnome-specific
things (we can assing our lovely footprint to U+E000 ;)


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