[Gnome-print] Gnome-print cvs is broken

It looks like someone has broken something in gnome-print within
the past few months.  A trivial Gnumeric sheet now shows a print
preview that is empty for me.  Also, I get...

      UMR: Uninitialized memory read (2 times)
            art_drect_empty [art_rect.c:166]
            art_drect_hacktext [gnome-canvas-hacktext.c:237]
            get_bounds     [gnome-canvas-hacktext.c:254]
            get_bounds_canvas [gnome-canvas-hacktext.c:290]

The bbox in get_bounds is not being initialised.  Who knows
what trouble that will cause when it is later used.

(Note: art_drect_empty is an inline function, here expanded
into the union function.)


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