[Gnome-print] Quick(?) gnome-print question

(I sent this same note to Raph before I found the gnome-print list... feel 
free to ignore it now, Raph.  :-)  )

Quick (I hope) question for you guys.

I'm looking into developing a check-printing application (i.e. for bank 
drafts). The accurate placement of the MICR characters at the bottom of the 
check is critical. Therefore, I had originally planned (and implemented) a 
PostScript file which would build the page to be printed. I felt like this 
would give me the best control over placement on the page.

However, I started looking at gnome-print, and I'd like to use it since it 
seems to be a very nice way to go. I'm concerned, though, about dimensional 
accuracy. Absolute placement on the page is not as important as relative 
dimensions between features.  Font sizes and character spacing is the most 
critical - I hand-coded a Type 1 MICR font to try to meet the tolerances.

So, the question : What sort of dimensional accuracy can I expect from 
using gnome-print to render font sizes and text at a particular location on 
the page? Better or worse than plain PostScript? I guess the answer may 
change depending on whether the target printer is native PostScript, or 
rendered via GhostScript...

Thanks for your time, and all your great work,


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