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Lauris Kaplinski wrote:
> ...
> 3. Fonts suck badly :(

Aside from the fact that font formats are complicated, I think the
font *handling* in PS is pretty darn good.  You can do just about
anything you like as long as you have the fonts.

> AFAIK there is still no way to acess underlying rendered buffer in

Nope, nor will there be for an important reason - the PostScript
rendering model is designed to work with raster *and* vector

> PS, nor ability to render temporary buffers (a la OpenGL). No way to
> compile procedures - only bind, which is poor solution. Even worse -

Binding procedures "compiles" them into the intermediate binary
coded format (kinda like Java), so it's as fast as can be expected
short of generating actual machine language code.

> no graphic operator does not have to do anything trackable, before
> showpage. Probably DPS has addressed some of these issues.

The current graphics position is tracked.  The current color is
tracked.  Clipping paths, rendering paths, etc.

What are you referring to?

> Adding bezier planes to OpenGL would result in a bit better API,

Off topic, but having done 3D graphics for 12 years I can tell you
that bezier clipping planes would make rendering unbelievably
slow (it's bad enough rendering NURBS)

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