[Gnome-print] Re: [jody: [ynakai redhat com: Re: Gnumeric bug 15607]]

Sorry for replying to an old mail...

Today I find the Japanese type1 font freely available.


Please use it for your test.
Thank you.

> > Btw: Are there C/J/K PostScript fonts for free download somewhere? I would
> > be very interested to test them out, but I have not found any.
> Sorry I can't find downloadable CJK PostScript font anywhere.
> Some printer has its own font in itself and we usutally test with our printer
> or our Japanized version of ghostscript. (We still need to make patches for every
> ghostscript. It's also a headache...)
> But there are many ttf font and some Adobe CID fonts.
> CIDFont: ftp://ftp-pac.adobe.com/pub/adobe/acrobatreader/unix/4.x/
>   jpnfont for Japanese
>   korfont for Korean
> ---
> Yukihiro Nakai, Red Hat Japan, Development.


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