Re: [gpm]

On Sunday 23 April 2006 21:06, Richard Hughes wrote:
> Try adding the attached fdi file
> to /usr/share/hal/fdi/information/10freedesktop/ and restarting hal, and
> then doing
> lshal | grep system.formfactor
> If that works, then we need to add this to upstream HAL.

I say it here, before I need to say it at the HAL mailinglist: Sorry, but this 
is bulls*** (adding the fdi upstream). 

My reasons for this statement:
1.) You never asked for the HAL version he use (There was e.g. a fix in 0.5.7 
and if he use a older version ... no comment.)
2.) You didn't try to fix or to debug the real problem. Not only the result of 
dmidecode is a place, where hal change/set the value of system.formfactor. 
The value is also set on machines with a ACPI/APM/PMU battery (bay) or a LID 
button to 'laptop'. If there is a bug, fix the real bug.
3.) A fdi file is the last place to fix such issues, you should only fix 
something via a fdi-file if there is no other way. Sorry, but I really hate 
ppl trying always to fix 'problems' with adding a new fdi-file instead of 
research the reason for the problem. This maybe is a fast workaround, but 
never a fix.

Hence: try to find and fix the bug.



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