[Fwd: URGENT : Palm and PalmSource disagreement consequences]

Well, any comments about this news? How many years do you think the Palm devices can survive?
- Calvin
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Few minutes ago I've read these recent articles 
about problems between Palm and PalmSource

Palm's License to use Palm OS Expires in December
Palm Platform in Doubt 
No more Palm OS-based Palms come December?

How to interpret these events? Will Palm OS disappear? Will ALP be as successfull as Palm OS was? Does Access's strategy really focuses on Palm OS or is it just a "try" between other things to do? But the most imporant are the consequences for developers. As a developer I have projects I'm currently working on for Garnet, I don't know if it makes sense to continue developping for it. Stay or move to another platform or wait and hope ALP will do as good as the good old Palm OS and run my Garnet apps. 

Please share your opinions, I think that Palm is reaching an important point in its life and this is THE place where we could talk about it the best. 
Thank you in advance.

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