Re: MAL Conduit in CVS crashing

> > I'm trying to use gnome-pilot and gnome-pilot-conduits from CVS, and I beli
> ev
> > e the MAL conduit is
> > crashing. The weird thing is that it only seems to happen when I'm using th
> e 
> > Pilot Applet. I
> > haven't been able to get a backtrace yet, but I wanted to make sure that th
> is
> >  gets noticed before
> > 2.0.14 gets released.

I've updated gnome-pilots-conduits to fix this bug.

There was a truly horrible bug, in which the PalmSyncInfo was defined
in both malsync.c and mal-conduit.c.  The pilot-link 0.12.0 porting
effort had changed one of these definitions but not the other.  I've
split out the structure definition into the new 'malsync.h' header file.

Hopefully this'll fix your problem.

I also fixed the pi_buffer bug that you spotted, which could have
caused bad problems, for sure.


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