Re: State of the Pilot

> With HAL it should be possible to entirely automate USB device 
> handling. There are some questions as to where PDA handling should 
> take place, my vote is to push it down the stack into HAL as much as 
> possible.

	Actually, we're moving to completely eliminate the kernel 
visor dependency altogether. It works with libusb now (visor driver 
unloaded), but there are some inherent kernel issues with the way 
libusb is currently handled (Zeph is taking the lead on chasing those 

	There's a nice side benefit of ~600% speedups with libusb ;) 

> What's the preferred route for submitting patches?  This mailing 
> list, or as attachments to bugzilla?

	Stepping on some toes here, but best is to submit to bugzilla, 
for accountability-sake. If they're pilot-link bugs (like the timing 
issue that Matt found), those should go in our bugtracker 
(, gnome-pilot specific ones should go into 
Bugzilla on the Novell side.

> Do we have an IRC channel?

	There's #gnome, but that probably won't be helpful for 
gnome-pilot development.. 

	But we do have #pilot-link on (and port 994 
for those who wish to use ssl to secure their chat, for clients that 
support it), and jpr is there near-daily in an idling state, but the 
rest of us are ready and willing to bang on code, solicit testers, and 
receive any and all praise or denegration ;) 

David A. Desrosiers
desrod gnu-designs com

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