Sync gnome-pilot on two different computers?

Hi Gang:

I just picked up a handspring visor off of ebay, and I'm excited to try
it out with gnome-pilot and Evolution.  I do have a question though,
maybe one of you can help me out with this:

I have two computers, one at home, and one at my workplace.  Both of
them are running Fedora Core 3, and I use Evolution for email, calendar,
and contacts.  I was wondering if it would be possible to sync my Visor
with both computers?  I'd like the sync with the home computer to be 2-
way, ie, everything on the handheld goes onto the home computer and vice

>From the office stuff all I really to do is import appointments, and
that can be one way, just adding new appointments to the Visor as I
enter them into the computer.

Thanks to all the open-source hackers who have made this possible.  I
have been windows-free for nearly a year and haven't looked back.  


Sean Carolan

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