Re: ecalendar conduit problems

> Hello, I inadvertently let the batteries in my Palm run down and I lost
> the entire contents of my device. Luckily, I had synced recently, and
> was able to get everything back, EXCEPT I can't get my calendar
> appointments to be restored. I set the calendar conduit to ``Copy to
> pilot'' and the log records copying to the pilot, but nothing gets
> copied: my calendar is still all blank.

I had a similar situation. The difference with me was that gpilotd
crashed every time I wanted to restore the calander data on my palm.
Apparently evolution's database was corrupted.
Finally, this trick worked for me:
1. Backup all your data in your evolution folders
2. Stop evolution (evolution --force-shutdown)
3. Move the folders out of the way
4. Start a fresh evolution (check there is no data in the calendar!)
5. Import the data from the backed-up folders
6. Sync the pilot.

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