Re: bug 164367

> I just submitted this to BugZilla, if you need further information I 
> am available.

	When writing email to a wide audience such as this mailing 
list, you should take the time to provide some context to help others 
figure out what it is you're talking about. Linking to the relevant 
material is always a good idea. Since you did not, I've done so here.

	In this case, your bug[1] looks like a kernel bug, not a GNOME 
bug, and certainly not a gnome-pilot bug. There have been reported 
issues with the FC2 and FC3 kernels prematurely removing or crashing 
the USB interfaces on many machines, and it looks like you are seeing 
the same exact issue.

	The solution so far (discovered by me) is to back down to the 
_667 version of the 2.6.9 kernel (if FC3) or recompile your kernel 
from upstream kernel sources, using the stock config file found in 
/boot on your Fedora machine. This skips all of the patches that are 
applied, one of which is causing the problem. I've personally seen 
this work on at least 6 user's machines in the last 2 months.

	Good luck with that. Make sure you report your bug in the 
right place (Fedora's bugtracker would be the appropriate one in this 


David A. Desrosiers
desrod gnu-designs com

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