Re: FC4 status?

On Mon, 2005-08-15 at 13:19 +0200, Maarten Vergauwen wrote:
> a couple of months ago, our research group upgraded to FC4. I
> immediately noticed the problems with palm synchronization. I followed
> the gnome-pilot list and waited for solutions. Apparently no
> definitive fix is available yet (the fedora team has not released
> updates to the rpms). Has anybody managed to get palm-synching working
> with gnome-pilot on FC4? If so, could (s)he list which packages have
> to be down- or upgraded and which other changes need to be made?
> Changing the OS version is not an option for me. I'm getting pretty
> frustrated that I can't synch my data anymore because of the broken
> packages in FC4.

There are, I think 3 sets of problems:-
     1. The pilot-link package was broken initially - this has now been
        fixed (in the very early FC4 updates)
     2. There is a kernel/hotplug/udev issue where the devices take
        *ages* to be created, and so the palm device gets bored and
        gives up by the time userspace on the FC4 box can talk to it.
        This is documented in RH Bugzilla #158809 -
     3. The gnome-pilot stuff just doesn't work with the current
        pilot-link library.  RH appear not to care about this one.
        However there are 2 RH bugzilla entries #161799 & #161824 - -
        however the useful place to look is in the Gnome bugzilla
        #274032 -

If you read the Gnome bugzilla entry you will find references to a fixed
set of RPMs - these can be found here (same content, alternate

These work for me, with the provisio that due to the second bug I have a
hardwired /dev/pilot link and ignore this fancy udev stuff.

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