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> Date: Fri, 4 Jun 2004 10:16:09 -0400 (EDT)
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> Subject: Re: Please help: gpilotd network sync
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> > Hello, reading your mail a new "wish to have" grows in me, now im triing
> > to setup the networking in my palm, via craddle or another media. I
> found
> > this link It may be usefull.
> >
> > Gonna try to do it, tell me if you have success, I gonna do the same.
> 	If you want more-detailed HOWTOs on these and other subjects (Palm
> over Bluetooth, Palm over PPP, and so on), feel free to visit the ones
> I've
> written:
> d.
Hi again, 
First one thin: I am too new to this mailing list, i don't know how to reply
to an existing thread. Where can i find some instructions how to work with
this discussion forum? 

Many many thanks for the fast answers. It is nice to see, that many people
do network sync with the Palm, i really like it a lot. 

BUT all this stuff about Bluetooth sync i got already working with JPilot,
with pilot-xfer and so on! 
BUT WHAT I CAN'T MANAGE IS: make gnome-pilot (and gpilotd) sync via

For those people, that are interested: I think the only way to access a
Calendar on a MS Exchange server is with Linux using the Ximian Connector.
And syncing a Palm against this Ximian Connector requires using gnome-pilot,
nothing else will work! But there is no way to sync a UX50 via USB with
gnome-pilot (except for hacking the whole environment). The perfect
alternative is the Network Sync. There is a checkbox in the gnome-pilot
applet to choose Network Sync, but nothing happens and the applet still
requires to define some device file. "net:any" is not possible because
nothing that doesn't start with a slash is accepted! Also editing the config
file manually didn't work. 

So please does anybody have some idea, how to configure the gnome-pilot to
sync a Palm via network?

Many thanks for any further help

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