Network Sync in Gnome desktop


I got a Sony Clie NZ90 and like it to sync with Evolution. So far I used
a Handspring Visor Edge and things worked just great...

The problem with the Clie is that USB sync doesn't work. I can sync over
network however (using 802.11b). But how do I get this to work with the
gnome tools? Using pilot-xfer or JPilot everything works fine just
configuring the gnome tools seems a pain. 

When using the setup wizard it always asks for a device (and you can't
enter 'net:' as in jpilot) and wants to do an initial sync to get the
pilot ID and the user name. This however fails and the process is
getting stuck.

Anybody uses the Gnome tools, does network syncs and can help me out

I'm using the Ximian desktop on a SuSE system.


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