Gnome-pilot 2.0.7 crash bugs

Okay, I'm going to keep this short and sweet.  I haven't had time to go
back and check all the chicken-and-egg problems with configuring the
thing from before, but I will say it's still crashing quite a bit for
me.  Particularly it seems to bomb as the memo conduit exits, and when
the applet is running, it basically blows almost immediately after
hitting the synch button.  Is this still par for the course or should I
be fretting over where to send some coredumps (if I can get bug-buddy to
co-operate) to?

Visor deluxe over serial
pilot-link 0.11.7
Evolution 1.3.x (but *no* pilot support compiled in, and no old 1.2.4
conduits lying around)

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