Problem syncing Palm IIIe with serial cradle.

    I recently set up a RH9 box and I'm trying to get Gpilot to work
with my Palm IIIe. When I do the initial setup it asks for my cradle,
etc. I put in /dev/ttyS0, 57600, serial, 2 second timeout. When I hit
"next" after saying "Yes, I've used sync software before", I get an
error that says "Failed sending request to gpilotd" and the trace shows:

gpilotd-Message: Exiting (caught SIGTERM)...
gpilotd-WARNING **: gnome-pilot-client.gob:786: Caught exception:
Message: No pilot userid/username information located
Message: Unable to load pilot id/username, assuming unset
Message: No pilot cradle information located
Message: Unable to load pilot cradle info, assuming unset

I'm somewhat familiar with CORBA, so this looks like gpilotd can't reach
the ORB. AFAIK, the ORB is running for gnome, so I'm not sure what's
going on here. Has anyone else seen this? I tried searching the web but
I couldn't find anything similar...



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