Re: Sony Clie 675 with gpilot

I link ALL the usb stuff statically in the kernel, and use the hotplug scripts (Debian). This allows gpilotd to be left running, whence it catches the sync button. Works for me with evolution.

I did have to hack visor.c, etc in 2.4.18 to support the NR70, but with later versions all should be well.

Alexandre Aractingi wrote:
Hi all,

I just bought a Clié 675 (used to have a Palm V), and I have a question
regarding the USB connection:
/dev/ttyUSB0 isn't created until I hit the HotSync button on the cradle.
So if I do that first, and then launch pilot-xfer or gpilotd, everything
is ok.
Now I want to use it with Evolution, which launches gpilotd
automatically, and I want the sync to begin whenever I hit the HotSync
button. Is it possible?
Otherwise I have to kill gpilotd, then hit HotSync, and then launch
gpilotd from the shell...

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