Re: gpilotd isn't seeing my Palm

On Wed, 2003-01-01 at 21:13, Brian Goodyear wrote:
> I just noticed that Gnome-Pilot uses some phrase in the 
> /proc/bus/usb/evices to determine when the Palm is attempting a sync. Is 
> it possible to tell it to  look somewhere else, or to just go to the device?
> I have been using Jpilot which uses pilot-link which works but now I 
> want to link up with Evolution.  Can pilot-link be used with Evolution?

If you had gpilotd working, then you'd be home free with Evolution. 
Afaik Evolution has no sync daemon of it's own, but only deploys
conduits for gpilotd to use.  (I'm sayin' this having used Evolution and
my Visor Deluxe together for some time now... if there was some other
way of doing it, I'd be shocked that I hadn't heard of it until now)

I will say this about it... pilot-link-0.11.6 changed something with
respect to the way one of the functions tested for by Evolution 1.2.1's
configure script worked in a manner that breaks it... I haven't had a
chance to go back and debug it further, but you *may* need to use 0.11.5
if --enable-pilot-conduits=yes breaks Evo's configure for you.

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