Re: Palm OS 4.1 makes gpilotd crash?

Am Die, 2002-03-19 um 18.40 schrieb Stuart Luppescu:
> I discovered that I can't sync my Palm IIIxe anymore (causes segfaults),
> and submitted a bug report to bugzilla
> (
> Thinking back on what I changed before this problem occurred, I realized
> that I upgraded my Palm OS from 3.5 to 4.1. Is this version somehow
> incompatible? Is there a work around? Thanks.
> >>rpm -q pilot-link
> pilot-link-0.9.5-ximian.2
> >>rpm -q gnome-pilot
> gnome-pilot-0.1.64-ximian.1

I successfully connected my m500 via gnome-pilot.

Try this:

get pilot-link from cvs and compile it to /usr/local
get gnome-pilot sources and configure it with 
./configure --with-pisock=/usr/local
compile gnome-pilot, install, enjoy.

For evolution sync you also need to recompile evolution.

Greetings, cg

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