Re: Visor

> Hello... I just installed gnome-pilot and I'm trying to sync with my
> Handspring Visor.  I can sync without problems using pilot-xfer, but when I
> attempt to configure the device using pilot_applet, the connection isn't made.
>  Any suggestions on this?

I posted a tmp sollution that worked for me a couple of days ago.
I have both a Serial and a USB craddle.  With the USB the initial
installation didn`t work.  However with the Serial one no problem.
After the initial installation I have succeeded in getting it to work with
the USB as well.

But there are some small issues... is suggest you start gpilotd from the
console and then take a good look at the logs ..

(BTW .. anybody knows where I can find them if I don`t start it this way

greetings ..

Kris Buytaert
 Senior Consultant
  buytaert be stone-it com

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